Will Carter’s Head Fit Out the Door?

So Jimmy Carter is going on a trip to the Middle East and it looks like he’s going to sit down with the leader of Hamas. As my Grandfather used to say, “Well, don’t that just beat the band”.

You know, I’m getting pretty tired of Carter’s inflated sense of his own importance and the fact that much of the free world is willing to encourage his delusions of grandeur. It is shocking to me that an ex-president of the United States (granted, one of the worst in our history) would go visit the leader of a terrorist organization. What does he hope to accomplish? Is it wise to have a dialogue with an organization whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel? John Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, is quoted in the article as saying “When you put the prestige of a former president of the United States in a meeting with one of its terrorist leaders, you’re giving it a legitimacy and currency it never had.” I completely agree with that.

The scariest part of all of this to me is this: When we legitimize groups like Hamas that call for the destruction of Israel aren’t we tacitly legitimizing anti-Semitism? It seems like more and more people forget that what these people want is nothing short of the Holocaust all over again.

Carter’s press secretary has said that Carter would be traveling in his capacity as head of the Carter Center and not in his capacity as a former President. To which Steve Emerson, director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, a watchdog group said, “That’s a distinction that’s absurd.” And for me that’s putting it mildly.

To me this move by Carter is egregious, outrageous and just plain wrong. I can’t imagine what his motives are or why he would think this is a good idea. I hope that this story gets the attention it deserves from the media and I hope that enough concerned citizens express their outrage to stop it.

*Updated 04/17/2008* You can find a well written article that better articulates the problems with sitting down with Hamas here.


2 thoughts on “Will Carter’s Head Fit Out the Door?

  1. Let’s see 52 U.S. Diplomats held hostage for 444 days from Nov 4th, 1979 to Jan 20th 1980; released minutes after Ronald Regan was sworn in, why would you have any faith or respect for this man in the fisrt place? As to being a former president; not in my book. His tenure was one of the lowest points in U S mitilary history, second only to post Viet Nam. No matter how hard he tries he will never atone for the Iran hostage debacle.
    Yes, he should be barred from interfearing at all and especially since he is an ex-president. Can you impeace an ex-president?

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