Oh Yeah, These Guys Score the Chicks!

First there was this. Then there was this. And that prompted the following:

“Dude you sick mother-******* son of a ****. Batman had to watch his parents DIE in front of him. And so he got REVENGE on them by saving the lives of other people by fighting crime. He doesn’t let what happened to him happen to ANYONE else. “But this is all very easy if you have nothing but time and money at your disposal. For that matter, what kind of a man puts on a bat costume and jumps off of buildings to face guys with guns? A sick one”. And how the F*** can you call him a junkie. COMMON! He could Fu**** skydive for “excitment”. Dude, such a comment, is unacceptable because, its inhuman, and WRONG man. I’m not saying your opinion is bull****. Everyone can have an opinion, but you cannot say such things. That will be like calling the guy who beats the rapist who raped his daughter insane.”

And then my head exploded.

I don’t even know where to start with this. If you didn’t take the time to click on the links above you need to know that the first is an article entitled “Why Superman Will Always Suck”. The second is an article entitled “Rebuttal: Defender of Truth, Justice and the American Way”, which prompted the comment above. I’d like to think that both of the articles and the comment are satirical but I don’t really believe that. I think these guys have started a full-on, geekfest, Superman vs. Batman turf war. The gloves are off! It’ll be like the Sharks and the Jets, the Bloods and the Crips, East Coast vs. West Coast boyeeee! Rival factions will be tagging the local comic book store claiming it for their own.

The crazy thing about this whole situation is that these guys are speaking with a passion that is normally only found in the most zealous religious fanatics or crazed political policy wonks. These guys are going at each other like the Muslims and Christians during the Crusades over comic book superheroes! Although technically Batman isn’t a superhero since he doesn’t have any super powers; he’s just a dude dressed up in a costume that has a bunch of gadgets and knows martial arts (Oh Yeah! I went there).

Now, at this point, I need to confess that when I read the first article I noticed that I was mentally preparing rebuttal arguments for all of the guy’s points. But then I stopped, realized how geeky I was being, went on about my business, and told myself that this neeeevvver haaaappened. So I guess the scariest part of all of this for me is…there but for the grace of God go I.


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