Et tu, Brute?

For the past few weeks the MSM (mainstream media) has been having a hate-fest over Sarah Palin. And now some Republicans are getting in on the action. Kathleen Parker, a conservative columnist, published a column that calls for Palin to step down as VP candidate. The column is a little on the condescending side (especially the bit about her using spending more time with her newborn as an excuse for it) which is unusual for Parker. But really it’s just unhelpful and pointless. At this point in the game, regardless of what you think of Palin (and I think most Republicans are still stoked about her, which is why she was brought on in the first place – to solidify the conservative base so tha McCain could move to the center to pick up Independent voters), it would be disastrous to the ticket to have to pick a new VP candidate. I mean, you would be handing the election to Obama on a silver platter if that happened.

Now I will admit that I was disappointed with Sarah’s performance in the Couric interview. Katie wasn’t as much of an ass as Charlie Gibson was, but she did ask a few unfair questions. Why should Palin have to be able to name all of McCain’s reform legislation? Isn’t that really a question for John McCain? But Sarah seemed really off balance the whole interview and didn’t give good answers to the fair questions. It almost seems like the McCain campain is trying to coach her into being someone she is not. It’s like she’s working off of a script that she’s had to memorize at the last minute. With the Gibson interview, she at least gave as good as she got. I really wish the campaign would just let her get out there and let her be herself. I saw a little story here where Romney was talking about the situation and I think he hit the nail on the head. McCain didn’t bring Palin on for her foreign policy experience, he’s the expert in this election on the subject. I’ll just quote Romney here since he says it best:

“She was selected because she’s a maverick. She’s a person who identified with people in homes across America…She’s an executive and a governor, and that brings a lot to John McCain’s ticket.”

The average American strongly identifies with Sarah Palin. She’s like the old Chevy slogan, “baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and Chevrolet”. If Norman Rockwell were alive today, he would paint Sarah Palin. I saw this morning that even Bill Clinton understands her appeal and admits that he likes her (although I imagine her appeal to him is more prurient than for others). So let’s not have anymore nonsense about Palin stepping down from the right side of the aisle.

And to the McCain campaign: Let the pitbull off the leash!





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