Fear of the Known

I have a friend (for this post let’s call him S) that I’ve known since back in high school. I have another friend (for this post let’s call him W) that I’ve also known since high school. So one night back in the day the three of us were all sitting around talking about what most 15 to 17 year old American males talk about: girls, football, girls, music, girls, baseball, girls and girls. So we’re sitting there talking and my friend S, who let’s just say wasn’t as enlightened as he is now, goes off on this long, expository rant about women and a woman’s place and womens’ rights. When he was done there were a few seconds of silence and then W said: “S, if I were a woman I’d run away from you.” To wich S replied without skipping a beat: “They do…but not fast enough!”


One thought on “Fear of the Known

  1. Some people moderate their views as they get older and more mature. Others look in the mirror, and the cold hard reality of self-actualization forces them to change even their deepest core beliefs.
    In any case, I’m glad that I do not know “S”.

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