Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys…Because They Suck!

Well, today the Cowboys showed us the most gutless performance that I think I’ve ever seen – and I lived through the Gary Hogeboom/Steve Pelluer controversy. It looked like today’s matchup was the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles vs. BFE High School, if the BFE High School team’s roster was filled by the keystone cops.

There was one highlight to the game. Well, not really to the game but to my game-watching experience.

I was watching the game in my bedroom and it had been on for about 15 minutes. My sweet little 4 year old daughter came in and said that she wanted to watch with me. Now this was a rare treat because neither of my daughters ever want to watch football with me, even when I ask. She crawled up in the bed with me and we watched together. I explained to her how the game was played and she would occasionally ask questions; but mostly she just sat there with me watching pretty intently. About half way through the second quarter she turned to me, took my face in her hands and said: “Daddy! What do we have to do to get them to WIN!? I’m going to jump into that TV and MAKE them win!”

It’s unfortunate for the Cowboys that my little 4 year old daughter couldn’t jump into that TV and give them a hand. She certainly had more fire and heart than anyone playing for the Cowboys today.


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