“Try to be a Little F$%#ing Professional, Man!”

So, this morning, I heard the audio from the Christian Bale rant that’s making the entertainment news rounds. If you haven’t heard about it or heard it here’s an article about it, but the gist is, Bale got ticked off at the director of photography for distracting him while he was trying to do a scene and went on a three minute, F-bomb laced tirade. Now to me, this isn’t that big a deal. Everyone has their bad days and is there anyone of us who wouldn’t be embarrassed if someone happened to be recording one of our worst moments? One of the problems I have with today’s culture is our simultaneous coarsening and sensitivity. We have no problem with hyper-violent movies. We have no problem with over-the-top, outrageously out of bounds humor in shows like Family Guy. We have no problem with trashy, over-sexualized TV shows and movies. But when Dick Cheney tells a senator to go F himself, suddenly we get the vapors like a Victorian noblewoman and we’re all shocked -shocked, I say- like he’s the first person ever to say something like that.

But there were two things that went through my mind as I was listening to the audio of this. First, it’s pretty funny (and yes, ironic) to use a three minute, expletive laced rant to lecture a co-worker on being professional. Because, as we all know, it is the height of professionalism to stop down an entire movie set while you throw F-bombs at a guy in front of the entire crew and berate him about his behavior. My second thought was, “If your going to go off on an expletive laced rant, at least mix up your curse words” I mean if you want to be a professional, you can’t just use “f%$#ing” as an intensifier for every word you say. Mix it up a little. And if you can’t mix in some other curse words, at least mix up your F-bombs. Call the guy an F-stick, F-monkey or F-nugget. 

Anyway, Bale is taking a lot of heat on this from the entertainment media and maybe rightfully so (it’s also been remixedinto a dance tune). I’d like to think that Bale is probably a decent guy and that this was just one of those bad f%$#ing days.


3 thoughts on ““Try to be a Little F$%#ing Professional, Man!”

  1. It was a pretty humorous rant with respect to his word choice. I completely sympathize with him.

    Artists aren’t stereotyped as temperamental and eccentric for no reason.

    Just imagine the friction (incidental/occupationally hazardous) that arises on sets where not only is the director known to be idiosyncratically intense but the main actor(s) have a particular way of getting into his/her character.

    Alfred Hitchock, Werner Herzog, Elizabeth Taylor, Orson Welles, Stanley Kubrick, Judy Garland, Marlon Brando.

  2. Call it what it is. It’s pure licentiousness. People like this feel that they have the money and the power to treat another human being any way that they want. You could not get away with treating a co-worker in this manner. You would be fired. Remember, Bale chose to do this on a set in front of perhaps a hundred other people. He simply proved that he does not have the ability to self-edit what comes out of his mouth even when other people are watching him, and I’m not going to cut him any slack just because he is Batman. Of course, that won’t keep me from watching the next Batman movie either.

  3. As a bonafide thespian myself I too can lash out at the little ones once I have wrapped myself into my character. I was immersed in a role just the other day, studying my lines and I came un-glued when my mom called me from the kitchen to see if I wanted a tuna fish sandwich. “frown” – I would like to take the high road like my fellow actor and use this as a forum to publically apologize to my mother.

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