The Best Laid Plans…

Most of you who read this regularly know that I am a big history buff. My main area of interest from age 13 until recently was the American Civil War (or War Between the States for you unrepentant Southerners out there). But recently, the last four years or so, I have started reading a lot of Founding Father bios and Revolutionary War era stuff. It definitely gives you a different perspective on how we do things now. One of the things that people of my generation have always had, but is not provided for in the original Constitution, is the popular election of senators. It’s something that I never really questioned until I started reading about the founders. Events that we view as inevitable most certainly were not to that generation. And unless you’ve done some reading you sometimes take for granted the thought that went into organizing our institutions. George Will’s most recent column dogging Russ Feingold and his attempts to amend the 17th amendment, puts forth a strong case for repealing it altogether. And while this is probably not a realistic course of action, his article provides interesting perspective on how our government was intended to work versus how it works (or doesn’t) now.


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