This One Time…At Band Camp

Every day when I go to work on a post or check for comments on this blog, I start out by going to and looking at the latest posts to make the front page. Tonight when I logged on I saw a post titled: Alyson Hannigan: Peace Out! I was mildly interested, because I remember her from the original American Piemovie and from the TV show she’s on which I’ve seen a couple of times. I also thought that this might be one of those occasions when a celebrity starts telling us all how if we’d only love each other and hold hands and be friends all of the world’s problems would go away – and I do enjoy laughing at those articles. So when I click on the link, it takes me to a post on the Celebrity Baby Blog and shows a couple of pictures of her and her husband coming out of a store where they live.

Now, I am not generally a fan of “celebrity news” but I’m also not one of those people who go out of their way to make fun of people who are. However, the fifth comment down on the story made me stop, shake my head and wonder what kind of a life some of these people have. Here it is:

She is my favorite pregnant celeb ever, sorry Ashlee but Alyson is just to cute. It’s not fair that some woman look 10times better 7months pregnant than most woman do when not pregnant. Hubby looks not that bad either.

OMG!!!! My favorite pregnant celeb ever!!!!! With apologies to all the other pregnant celebrities ever, my favorite has always been Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Except now that I think about it, that was in a movie and probably not real. Huh, turns out I don’t give a damn about any pregnant celebrities.


2 thoughts on “This One Time…At Band Camp

  1. My favorite celeb pregnancy is Thomas Beatie. see -

    Talk about a glow. Its like a Chernobyl glow.

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