Maybe He’s Inhaling Now

Bill Clinton appears to agree with GWB on the stem cell issue. The link will take you to a post that has video of Clinton being interviewed about his thoughts on the embyronic stem cell issue. As hard as it is to believe, it appears that Clinton, former President of the United States and Rhodes Scholar, doesn’t understand that an embryo is in fact a developing child. Throughout the interview he keeps saying that we need to make sure that no embryos that have a chance of being “fertilized” should be used for research. It seems amazing to me that someone that intelligent could be so misinformed about biology that most 9th-graders probably understand (although I realize I may be giving our current educational system too much credit – when I was in high school we all took Biology in 9th grade). Anyway, it makes me wonder about those polls that recently came out with 52% of people being in favor of Obama’s policy change. I wonder how many of that 52% have as poor a grasp on the issue as Clinton…


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