Tea Parties Are For Little Girls

Here is an article from the Wall Street Journal on the so-called “Tea Party” protests that are happening all around the country today. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think that government spending is way out of control. I also think that Obama’s “tax the rich” scheme will eventually become the “tax everybody” scheme. But I’ve rarely seen any protest or demonstrations do anything but make people look stupid. All my life, I’ve seen protests and benefit concerts and rallies about “freeing Tibet”. But guess what? China still has Tibet in its grubby mitts.

I guess my main problem with these protests is that it takes a good cause, holding the government accountable, and makes it easy for other people to dismiss. The best way to “protest” runaway government spending will be coming up in 2010 and 2012 by voting every polititcian who went along with the nonsense out of office.


2 thoughts on “Tea Parties Are For Little Girls

  1. Well at the risk of being the first to have ever visited this blog without having my head explode; I tend to agree in that the only two things that will get a representative, senator, governor or president to vote your way is to bring momenteous pressure through letters, emails, and possibly blogs stating your position and the fact that you will do everything possible to vote the person out as soon as possible if that elected official does not.
    If there is a perponderance of individuals demanding action it may actually happen but often the representative is so engraned in the establishment he will go against popular opinion anyway. It is also possible that he has lobbists that he owes and wil do their bidding at any cost. You will often find those persons working for some large coorporation that benifited from the action after he is voted out.

    By the way has anyone seen any mention of the house taking a pay cut to help the American workers loosing their jobs or maybe just a pay freeze?

    At any rate – vote them out – that’s the best way to have your say count.

  2. Actually, I think the house and senate did forgo pay raises this session but I could be wrong about that. I almost put this in my post but didn’t because I didn’t have time to flesh it out. The only problem with the “vote the bums out” solution is the short memory span of the average American. If things are going better in 2010 – unemployment back down, housing market stabilized and such – most people won’t remember that this congressed authorized however many billions of dollars they end up authorizing.

    Oh well, maybe we’ll all get a free pony or something.

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