The Myth of Impartiality

I wrote a post yesterday saying that I didn’t really agree with the whole “Tea Party” protest. I think protests of any kind rarely accomplish anything other than making the participants look stupid or crazy. Yesterday evening I ran across this post on Big Hollywood. The embedded video shows a CNN “reporter” at one of the tea parties. Watch the video and let me know if the “reporter” went in with an agenda and preconceived notion of what was going on, or if she was “unbiased” like reporters and newsmen purport themselves to be. If you think the latter, I’ve got a great deal for you on a certain west coast bridge I recently acquired at a discount price.

As a side note –  the guy that she interviews is the perfect example of why I don’t like protests and marches. You don’t want him representing your cause.

Now the Big Hollywood post does call the “reporter” the devil which is perhaps going a bit overboard. But her performance is disgusting. I do agree with the last bit in the post that laments how during the last administration, dissent was considered “patriotic” by the left and their ilk. Now…not so much.

**Update 04/17/09** Here’s another video from YouTube with the same “reporter” apparently not taking issue with a guy dressed in a bush mask sprouting horns and sporting a Hitler mustache. Then the video cuts to more of the tea party footage where she berates a man for calling the president a fascist asking him if he knows how offensive that is. She really needs to get a new job. Actually with her level of hypocrisy, perhaps she should run for office.

**Another Update 04/19/2009** Here’s a video report about the Roesgen incident with more commentary from Pajamas TV. It’s about 8 minutes long and well worth your time.


4 thoughts on “The Myth of Impartiality

  1. I thought the most telling observation in the clip was the dismissive chuckle given by the anchor at the end.
    I agree with your point on the reporter though. It is in no way her responsibility to engage in what ammounted to nothing more than an argument with the guy she was interviewing. The most amazing part was that she never even let him make his point. She just tried to steamroll over him.
    On another note, how do the Bush’s have such a happy marriage if Laura holds such differing views from her husband?

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