Compulsory Charity

It’s a well documented fact that conservatives as a whole donate significantly more of their own money to charity than liberals do. I say “their own money” because liberals typically want  the government to take your money and give it to the people that they deem need it more than you. This helps them feel like charitable people while not having to, you know, sacrifice any of there own hard-earned cash on the less fortunate. Well, as Presidents usually do, the Obamas released their tax statements from last year (found in this post) and it shows that Obama gave $172,000 to charity last year. Sounds pretty impressive until you find out that it was only 6.5 % of the $2.7 million they raked in. I mean come on, most churches ask you to give at least 10% (Oh and by the way, none of Obama’s donations went to that crazy church that he used to belong to so I guess that’s good). So what did Bush give last year? $166,000. Less total dollars but 23% of his income. Oh, and Dick Cheney? 75%.

So just remember that all that change and compassion and hope doesn’t come cheap and it ain’t Obama or his lib friends that will be footing the bill.

It will be you…whether you want to or not. Some call it taxes. But maybe it will make you feel better to think of it as “compulsory charity”.

**Updated 04/18/2009**

Here’s another article that details Joe Biden’s less than generous charitable giving. One year, when his adjusted gross income was $210,797 he gave a whopping $120 to charity. But I’m sure he doesn’t feel bad about that. He’s going to make sure that you “donate” plenty. After all, according to Joe, it’s patriotic.

2 thoughts on “Compulsory Charity

  1. I am a conservative minded person and I DID NOT vote for or campain for Obama and the current billions and trillions being pushed out there as bail outs and stymalus scare the living sh.. out of me because it’s on a magnitude never seen by the world before let alone this country. However, I do not understand where it is any of my business or yours how much your neighbor, your friend, your enemy or your elected president gave to charity.

  2. Well, I guess first I’ll say that it is my business because these are public officials and it is the law that they have to make their financial statements public record. The point of the article was really to point out the hypocrisy of liberals in general. They like to pass themselves off as compassionate and caring people while at the same time painting conservatives as cold hearted, greedy bastards. The problem is that liberals, in general, don’t put their money where their mouth is. They want government to do all the work for them. And of course when we talk about government in this instance we’re talking about you and the taxes that you pay. The conservative view is that we want to help people but we want to be free to help people in the best way we think we can. We don’t want to waste our money giving it to the government bureaucracy because bureaucracy is usually inefficient and ineffective.

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