Ah, Sweet Irony

It makes me giggle like a little school girl to read that since Bush left office the amount of people that believe that “global warming” is man-made has dropped significantly. In this post over at National Review Online’s Planet Gore, Lawrence Solomon postulates that people were only on the global-warming-is-man-made bandwagon because George Bush was against it. Now that Obama’s in office they don’t care anymore. While the answer can’t be that simple, it makes me happy. And isn’t that all that matters really? My happiness?


6 thoughts on “Ah, Sweet Irony

  1. Ahhhh… But you see; ole jadded and foolish one, everyone now believes that the ‘Changer’ is reversing the ‘man made (Bush) climate warming’. Everything is greener now and getting even greener. Just keep saying to yourself “Everything is brighter now, gonna be a wonderful day” 🙂

  2. C –

    I glad that your glad that I’m happy. As far as the earth continuing to warm I say: break out the shorts and mai tais. Love you.

  3. I love it warm.

    As GungHo would say “I’m hotter than a lizard nailing shingles at noon in August”

    I’m glad your happy and I wish C could fill that black hole inside his heart.

    Luv me some C.

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