Happy Earth Day!

I have two kids that looooove Spongebob Squarepants (I have to admit that I like him quite a bit too) and I have been a bit disturbed by the indoctrinating green programming that the Nickelodeon channel has been running in the run-up to Earth Day. Who knew that John Stewart and Lewis Black would have also noticed this and would have the same feelings about it that I have?

On a positive note for all you greenies out there, I am going to take my kids to the Disney “Earth” movie and am looking forward to it as I love a good nature documentary.

On the downside I plan on saving all my family’s coke cups, popcorn bags and candy wrappers from the movie and throwing them in a pond as I drive home in my SUV.


6 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!

  1. Tonight, I participated in my anual ritual of unnecessarily running various appliances for an hour in honor of Earth Day. My favorite is the very, very, very smooth smoothie. Go blender!

    On another note, as a fan of the Planet Earth series, you need to know that Disney’s Earth is just a compilation of cuts from the series. I’m still going to go see it with my family because the series was that good, and I only tink it would be better on the big screen.

  2. Preach it brutha!

    The best I could do today is dump an old garage refreg into the neighborhood pond. My kids are curious on what freon poluted fish will spawn from it.

    Well….Happy Earth Day!

    • The answer to your question is, they will be just like any other fish, but with extra freony goodness. Yumm!
      Try this spin: You actually were promoting Earth Day by recycling that old refridgerator into habitat for the fish in that pond. Some day people from all over will be able to come and see the colorful ‘pond’ reef you have created with a refridgerator that otherwise would have just been another addition to one of man’s evil landfills.
      Good for you, and keep teaching those kids well!

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