“Jeez-O-Peet” Is Funny

Man, I love Jonah Goldberg’s writing style and of course the content is dead on as usual. Heck, maybe I’ve found my soulmate! Here’s his take (from The Corner at National Review Online) on the ongoing sensitive stylings of the idiot that is Mark Sanford:

Memo To Mark Sanford: Man Up and Go Home [Jonah Goldberg]

I’ve not had much to add to what’s been said around here about Mark Sanford, and I still don’t have much new to say. But Jeez-O-Peet it’s time for this guy to step down. Go in the woods and bang drums, wear dresses at the shopping mall or become a Trappist Monk — whatever you need to do to get your act together on your own dime and on your own time. South Carolina, it seems to me, is not a state where politicians are expected to air out their “personal journeys” from the Governor’s mansion and I know the Republican Party doesn’t need to become an unseemly hybrid of est seminar, Plato’s Retreat and Bible Camp. Invoking King David as your inspiration for hanging around like a lech at a strip club after last call was stupid enough, but if you’re going to do that, you can’t start crying (again) about your Argentinian girlfriend or blathering on in a way that might cause John Belushi to descend from heaven just to smash your guitar against the wall. If stepping down makes it harder for the GOP or for some rivals to run for governor, Jimmy crack corn, and I don’t care. You need to get off the stage.

The GOP needs to march to your office and tell you, “Look, you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.”


One thought on ““Jeez-O-Peet” Is Funny

  1. He’s just staying because he just doesn’t know how he’s ever going to be able to maintain the long distance relationship without someone else to pay for it.

    I know how to get him out of office. Arrest him and put him in prison for illegal use of state funds among other things. Maybe there he will find someone else there who can take his mind off the trollop in Argentina.

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