Is This What Congress Needs To Be Focused On?

“Today the Senate antitrust subcommittee will hold hearings on perhaps the only American institution less popular than Congress itself: the Bowl Championship Series (BCS).”

Sheesh! Really? Of course this is being led by two Republican congressmen. Yeah great, way to lead by example guys. This is exactly the kind of thing that most Americans are concerned about, you’ve really got your finger on the old national pulse. Here’s the full story from the Wall Street Journal.


5 thoughts on “Is This What Congress Needs To Be Focused On?

  1. Strange as this may sound, I think our government, ever the :”white knight” is slowly starting to make me an anarchist; a non-violent anarchist, but an anarchist nonetheless.

  2. This may be one time when something is being legislated that should be left up to the courts. I believe that the point the senator is making is that by operating in the manner that it has (propping up the big conferences while keeping the smaller ones from having a chance to compete, then not even dividing the money up equally when one of these schools does make it to a BCS bowl), the BCS has violated U.S. antitrust laws. This is probably true, but it is also an issue that should be decided in the courts when one of the schools eventually decides to sue.
    On a positive note, if it would get us a playoff system, I might even vote for Obama.

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