Obama Vs Obama

I love it when politicians get caught in the stupid s— they say

And as an extra added bonus, here’s some Star Wars/Obama humor for you today:

debt star 2



3 thoughts on “Obama Vs Obama

  1. Frankly, I’d rather see our debt coming from attempting & failing to provide healthcare, than attempting & failing to occupy a Middle Eastern country.

  2. Oh goody, some more “anti-war” vomit being spewed on my shoes. No, we needed to leave Saddam alone to kill another 400,000 of his own innocent people – none of our business. It’s absolutely impossible that the WMDs were moved in the four-month period that Iraq had to prepare for the half-dozen people who inspected the entire country. There are no terrorists anywhere in that region and if there are then we need to leave them alone and they’ll quit bothering us. What are you, stupid?

    It seems funny to me that when Big George went in after Saddam back in the day he became an instant hero for not being a wimp, but when his son does the exact same thing this self-obsessed, self-righteous, arrogant, pansy-ass generation starts in on him about how wrong it is. It amazes me.

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