Happy Halloween!

Since it’s Halloween I thought I would post some of the things that scare me the most…

These people are running our country…oooohhhh…it gives me chills just thinking about it.

Be safe and have a happy Halloween!


8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. The scariest part of all is seeing the dead come back from the grave! President “lefty” is acting like he’s possessed by “Tricky Dick” Nixon. Enemies list, goon squads busting up town hall old people, and I love to hear the President proclaim “Let me make this clear!” The words of the dead President “Let me make this perfectly clear!” VP Biden is almost as crazy as Spiro Agnew bombing the press with nadering nabobs of negativism. Come on Joe, you can top Agnew!

    • Thanks for the comment. Your dog forgot to mention the ever popular canine holiday, “Chase Your Tail Day”. Of course, being a cocker spaniel perhaps that’s a sore subject with her.

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