GH’s Compendium of Down Home Sayings

There’s a guy that I work with that we call GH which stands for Gung Ho. He is from Mississippi and has lots of “down home” sayings that I will start recording here. It appears that this page is becoming pretty popular (by my modest standards). I spoke with GH and got permission to tell you to feel free and leave your own contributions in the comments section (Legal Note: Down Home sayings left in the comments section immediately and irrevocably become the property of GH). I am also adding the date the saying was added in parentheses to the right of saying. If you linked directly to this page and would like to peruse my insightful, witty, ground-breaking posts just click here.

“Like a chicken pecking corn…I’m on it.”

“Like bark on a tree…I’ve got it covered.”

“Like a cat in a litter box…I’m diggin’ it.”

“It’s on like Donkey Kong.”

“Like a dog stuck in the mud…I’m barking.”

“Like an old man combing his hair…I’m losing it.”

“Like a cucumber in vinegar…I’m pickled.”

“Like a dull blade on a lawn mower…that ain’t cuttin’ it.”

“Like an egg on a hot tin roof…I’m fried.” (02/10/2009)

“Like an old, blind man in a ‘tater sack race…I ain’t got no business here.” (02/17/2009)

“Like a baby of a bucktoothed woman driving a mini-van…I’m on board.” (02/19/2009)

“Like a beached whale in the sand…I ain’t movin’.” (02/24/2009)

“Like a ham hock at a kosher wedding…I don’t belong here.” (02/25/2009)

“Like a rubber band…I snap back.” (02/04/2010)

“You can’t snow the snowman.” (02/04/2010)

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