It’s Funny Because He’s Fat

I recently saw the movie The Hangover. The funniest bit of the movie, for me, was how the Chinese mobster kept laughing at injuries that befell the fat bearded character and exclaiming “It’s funny because he’s fat”. Being a person of considerable heft myself, I enjoy a good fat joke now and again. And as you know if you read this blog with any regularity, politics is a bit of a hobby of mine. Therefore, I happily submit the following combined political and fat joke for your enjoyment.



Oh The Humanity!

As a proud owner of a Taylor 414ce (a much less expensive model than Dave Carroll owns I’m sure) I join Dave in condemning United Airlines or anyone else who would damage one of these beautiful instruments and not live up to their liability by fully compensating the owner for the loss (which of course should include a substantial amount for pain and suffering).

My Taylor


Obama Vs Obama

I love it when politicians get caught in the stupid s— they say

And as an extra added bonus, here’s some Star Wars/Obama humor for you today:

debt star 2



I’ve seen several posts lately displaying things that seemingly took Herculean amounts of patience to accomplish. This one takes the cake – a paper castle complete with electric lights, monorail system and Ferris wheel (more pictures at the link).


Is This What Congress Needs To Be Focused On?

“Today the Senate antitrust subcommittee will hold hearings on perhaps the only American institution less popular than Congress itself: the Bowl Championship Series (BCS).”

Sheesh! Really? Of course this is being led by two Republican congressmen. Yeah great, way to lead by example guys. This is exactly the kind of thing that most Americans are concerned about, you’ve really got your finger on the old national pulse. Here’s the full story from the Wall Street Journal.